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I think it’s time mum or dad got some help

Welcome to 2017.  Many of us will have seen our parents over the summer break and noticed that things don’t seem […]
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How to avoid lonely old age

A while ago we went to the COTA Australia annual conference. COTA Australia is the peak national organisation representing the […]
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aged care roadmap

The Future of Aged Care – Aged Care Roadmap

We all know that the population is ageing and that we need to start preparing for it.  Our government is […]
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Ageing isn't a disease, it is something to be celebrated

Ageing isn’t a disease

I read an interesting article this week about ageing in which the author pointed out that, despite all the bad […]
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planning for aged care 10 things you can do now to make things easier later
Planning for aged care gives you more choice and better options

Why planning for aged care is important

People do not usually move into care until they have no choice.  This commonly  happens after a fall or other […]
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An article about the secrets of a long and happy life by aged care experts

Blue zones and beans – the secret of longevity

If you listen to podcasts, you may have heard a recent Ted Radio Hour episode dedicated to the secret of […]
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What is an Aged Care Assessment and why do I need it?

So you (or your loved one) have been told that you should get an Aged Care Assessment.  So what is […]
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2016 starts with aged care in the media

We hope that our readers have had a wonderful festive season and a great start to the New Year.  Our […]
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